Embedded bookings vs Cliniko hosted bookings

This article helps with setting up Goals in Google Analytics to track successful bookings (conversions). When redirecting from your website/social media or any other domain, we will need to ensure Cross-Domain Tracking is working so the correct referral source is recorded.

Cross domain tracking doesn't work with embedded bookings. The referral source for conversions will be reported as "Direct" in GA for embedded bookings. More context around the limitations, and a suggested workaround can be found here.

Setting up the Goal

Start by creating a "Goal" in Google Analytics.

When an appointment is booked, the URL changes to include "bookings/confirmation". This unique piece (path) of the URL can be used to record a successful "Goal".

How to set up Google Analytics goals

There are two options for setting up your first Google Analytics goal for Cliniko bookings:

  1. Use our goal import wizard to automatically configure the goal for you, or;

  2. Manually create the goal.

1. Using Cliniko's goal import wizard

Sign into the Google account you use to manage your Google Analytics property.

Once you're signed into the correct Google account, you can use this link to open the import wizard, and follow each of the steps below to create your first goal.

First, select the property and view where you would like to configure your goal:

Find your account and choose "All Web Site Data":

Give your Goal a title and continue the Goal import by hitting the "Create" button.

Finally, complete the setup by clicking "Done" on the next page:

2. Manually configuring your goal

Login to your Google Analytics account and navigate to the "Admin" section:

Find the "Goals" option under the "View" section:

Click " +New Goal" to start the 3-step goal creation process:

Step 1: Choose "Make an appointment" from the suggested templates:

Step 2: Name the Goal as desired, leave the "Goal slot ID" to default and ensure the Type is set to "Destination" before clicking "Continue":

Step 3: Select "Begins with" in the "Destination" field and add the following piece of the URL:


If you already have data feeding through to Google Analytics from Cliniko online bookings, you can click "Verify this Goal" to see if it's working:

After clicking "Verify this Goal" you should see the % conversion rate for the last 7 days;

Finally, "Save" the goal to complete setting up the Goal!

Cross-Domain Tracking

Note ☝️: This information was already covered in the main set up guide "Connect online bookings with Google Analytics" -- You may already have these parameters set.

Cross-domain tracking is a way for Google Analytics to continue tracking the same visitor session across multiple domains. This avoids creating a new visitor session when a user moves between multiple domains or sub-domains.

For example, a user clicks from Facebook to your website, then clicks a "Book online" button to redirect them to a Cliniko hosted bookings portal. Without cross-domain tracking, a new user session would be triggered when they land on the website and redirect to the Cliniko hosted bookings. Should the user continue to book an appointment, we want the conversion (Goal) in Google Analytics to report the source of the booking as Facebook. Cross-Domain Tracking allows Google Analytics to see the original source. 📊

To ensure Cross-Domain Tracking will work when redirecting from your website to a Cliniko hosted bookings portal, some extra parameters are necessary for the Variable set up. Click anywhere in the Variable Configuration section:

  • Under "Field to Set" -- create a field name called "allowLinker" and set the Value to "true"

Under "Cross-domain tracking" > "Auto Link Domains" copy/paste the following two domains, including the comma:

  • cliniko.com, [enteryourdomainhere.com]

Save the settings and publish the changes in GTM.

If you're having issues with the GTM integration, please check our "Troubleshooting Tips for Google Tag Manager" guide or reach out to the Cliniko support team. Cliniko offers limited support for issues with the GTM integration and we will do our best to assist!

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