Send a group SMS to your patients about COVID-19

Send patients a one-off SMS message to provide them with updates about your clinic and COVID-19.

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You're able to use the group SMS feature in Cliniko to send a message to all of your patients at once. This will allow you to share important updates about your clinic and COVID-19, ensuring that you get the word out as quickly as possible.

☝️Note: If you're going to send SMS messages from Cliniko, you'll need to purchase SMS credits first.

To send a group SMS, head to the Communications tab, and then hit the "Send SMS to patients" button:

On the next page, you'll see the field for your message, as well as the different types of filters:

You'll see a final count of patients who will receive the message, as well as:

  • How many credits will be used per message.

  • The total amount of credits that will be used.

  • The current balance of credits you have before sending your group message.

☝️Note: You'll see the option to select whether or not this is a marketing message:

If you tick that box, the message you send will not go out to people who have unsubscribed from SMS marketing. It's your decision whether the message you're sending regarding COVID-19 is marketing related or not. But, please keep in mind that if any patients have opted out of SMS marketing, they won't get this message (if you tick the box next to "This is a marketing message").

Hit that Send SMS Message button, and your group of patients will get the message.

As always, feel free to ask our friendly support team for help if you need any assistance!

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