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Track conversions from Bing Ads with Google Tag Manager
Track conversions from Bing Ads with Google Tag Manager

Track conversions from Bing Ads.

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Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking tag lets you track activity and conversions from your Bing ads. Before setting up the conversion tracking tag, you will need: 

Get started by finding and copying your UET Tag ID from Bing Ads: 

Configuring the Bing Ads Conversion Tag

Start by selecting "New Tag" from your Tag Manager Workspace:

Give your Tag a title (top-left) and then click anywhere in the "Tag Configuration" area: 

Choose the "Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking" Tag from the list of tags. Using the search option in the top-right will help find the tag quicker: 

Enter your Bing Ads UET Tag ID: 

Setting up the tag Trigger

We can set the Triggering to fire on All Pages. A custom conversion can be created in Bing Ads to capture your successful conversions. Firing the trigger across all pages will offer more value in your Bing Ads reporting. 

The URL doesn't change in the browser when booking through an embedded iFrame. This doesn't affect the trigger from working as the URL is changing in the background.

Click anywhere in the "Triggering" section: 

You may already have a trigger setup to fire on all pages. You can use the same trigger for multiple tags. 

If you don't already have an All Pages trigger, tap the ✚ icon in the top-right: 

Give your Trigger a title (top-left) and choose the "Page view" trigger from the list: 

Name your Trigger and leave "All Page Views" as default. Finish by clicking "Save" in the top-right:

Complete the setup by saving your changes! 

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