What is Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics helps with reporting on website visitors and tracking conversions. The Google Analytics: Universal Analytics tag connects your Google Analytics account with Cliniko through the GTM integration.  If you don't already have a Google Analytics account, you can get started here: https://analytics.google.com

If you're keen to learn more about Google Analytics fundamentals, checkout this self-paced training course offered by Google: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/course/6

Configuring the Google Analytics: Universal Analytics tag

Start by logging into your Google Analytics account and heading over to the "Property Settings" on the "Admin" page: 

Copy the "Tracking Id", also known as your Google Analytics Property: 

Login to your Google Tag Manager account and select "New Tag" from your Tag Manager Workspace:

Give your tag a title (Top left) and click "Tag Configuration": 

Choose the "Google Analytics: Universal Analytics" Tag from the list of tags: 

Leave the "Track Type" as the default "Page View" and select "New Variable" under "Google Analytics Settings": 

On the next page, name the variable as desired and enter your "Tracking ID" from Google Analytics. Leave the "Cookie Domain" set to "Auto": 

Setting up the Tag Trigger

Once the tag has been configured with Google Analytics, you can set it fire on every page. Start by clicking anywhere in the "Triggering" field: 

If a new trigger is needed, click the ✚ sign in the top-right, then anywhere in the "Trigger configuration" page: 

Select "Page View" as the type of trigger: 

Give your tag a title (Top-left) and leave "All Page Views" as default. Finish by clicking "Save" in the top-right: 

Tracking Conversions with Google Analytics

You can create a "Goal" in Google Analytics to record when a booking has been successful. When an appointment is booked, the URL changes to include "bookings/confirmation". This unique piece of the URL can be used to record a successful "Goal". 

How to set up Google Analytics goals

There are two options for setting up your first Google Analytics goal for Cliniko bookings:

  1. Use our goal import wizard to automatically configure the goal for you, or;
  2. Manually create the goal.

1. Using Cliniko's goal import wizard

Sign into the Google account you use to manage your Google Analytics property. 

Once you're signed into the correct Google account, you can use this link to open the import wizard, and follow each of the steps below to create your first goal. 

First, select the property and view where you would like to configure your goal:

Find your account and choose "All Web Site Data": 

Give your Goal a title and continue the Goal import by hitting the "Create" button.  

Finally, complete the setup by clicking "Done" on the next page: 

2. Manually configuring your goal

Login to your Google Analytics account and navigate to the "Admin" section:

Find the "Goals" option under the "View" section:

Click " +New Goal" to start the 3-step goal creation process: 

Step 1: Choose "Make an appointment" from the suggested templates:

Step 2: Name the Goal as desired, leave the "Goal slot ID" to default and ensure the Type is set to "Destination" before clicking "Continue": 

Step 3: Select "Begins with" in the "Destination" field and add the following piece of the URL: 


If you already have data feeding through to Google Analytics from Cliniko online bookings, you can click "Verify this Goal" to see if it's working: 

After clicking "Verify this Goal" you should see the % conversion rate for the last 7 days; 

Finally, "Save" the goal to complete setting up the manual Goal! 

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