What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that lets you track visitors on your website. This is most commonly used for marketing purposes.

Why add Google Analytics to your Cliniko online bookings?

Using Google Analytics here will let you see how many visitors come to your online bookings page, as well as where they came from (eg. which site they were referred from). You can also see information on their behaviour while on your online bookings page.

Setting up Google Analytics with your Cliniko online bookings

Create a new Property in your Google Analytics Account.

If you already have a Google Analytics property for a website you plan to link to your bookings page (or embed a bookings widget) you can skip this step and use the same tracking ID from your existing property in your Cliniko settings.

If you haven't set up any properties in your Google Analytics account, here's how to get started:  

1. Create a new property in Google Analytics (follow this link for more info):

2. Select https://  from the Website URL dropdown menu, and then paste your online bookings URL into the Website URL field:

3. After clicking Get Tracking ID, select the Property Settings tab in Google Analytics and copy your Tracking ID:

Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID into Cliniko

4. Paste your Tracking ID into the Google Analytics Tracking ID field in the Online bookings settings within Cliniko:

5. Save your online booking settings and you're good to go! 

️☝️Note: Keep in mind it may take some time (up to 24 hours) for data to appear in your new Google Analytics Online Bookings property. If you would like to check your web tracking code setup, Google provides some helpful documentation.

Update: Cliniko now offers limited support for cross-domain tracking

️☝️Note: Keep in mind this is very technical, and probably not for everyone. If you're interested in learning more about what Cross-Domain Tracking can do for you, we suggest having a chat with your website developer. 

What is cross-domain tracking?

Cross-domain tracking is a feature of Google Analytics (GA) which allows you to share your GA cookie across multiple domains. This could be helpful for Cliniko customers who link to their Cliniko online bookings pages from a separate domain, and want to track clicks to their online bookings pages in the same session.

What does limited support mean?

Cross-domain tracking requires modifications to the GA snippet on both the source domain (e.g. customer-website.com), and the destination domain (e.g. customer-online-bookings-page.cliniko.com).

We have enabled cross-domain tracking by default for customers who add their GA Tracking IDs to their online bookings pages (see how we've done this below), but due to the number of possible source domain configurations we may be unable to provide technical support for GA setup on all non-Cliniko websites..

Additionally, it should be noted at this time we only support linker parameters from referring source domains (more on this below).

In any event we would suggest working with your webmaster or developer to configure your source domain, and would gladly refer them here if they have questions about the GA setup on your Cliniko online bookings page.

How is cross-domain tracking configured on Cliniko online bookings pages?

For Cliniko customers who have enabled GA we've automatically enabled cross-domain tracking. The GA snippet on each online bookings page has been updated by setting the allowLinker configuration parameter to true:

ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXX-X', 'auto', {
  'allowLinker': true

When allowLinker is set to true, analytics.js will check the URL to see if a valid linker parameter exists and extract the proper values it needs.

️☝️Note: If you choose not to enable cross-domain tracking on a separate source domain there are no consequences of enabling it by default on your online bookings page. 

Where can I find more onformation?

To configure cross-domain tracking for online bookings pages we consulted with GA Developers documentation as well as GA Support.

If you're interested in configuring cross-domain tracking on a separate source domain we recommend referring your webmaster or developer the pages linked to above.

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