What is AdRoll?

AdRoll is one of the most widely used retargeting platforms, and helps businesses generate more sales by bringing "window shoppers" back when they're ready to set an appointment.

Why add AdRoll to your Cliniko online bookings?

By integrating AdRoll with Cliniko Online Bookings you can display ads to people who visit your website or online bookings page, but don't set an appointment. You can also track conversions for people who do set appointments.

This could help keep your business just a click away from customers who are getting ready to make a purchase or set an appointment. And by tracking conversions (i.e. booked appointments) you can show different ads to new and existing customers than you do to prospective customers (e.g. those who have not yet booked an appointment).

Setting up AdRoll with your Cliniko online bookings

Before enabling AdRoll for your Cliniko online bookings page, first confirm you've correctly set up your AdRoll account.

If you haven't set up your AdRoll account, here is a simple guide to help you get started:


Create a new URL segment in your AdRoll account

Next, you may want to create a segment for people who've successfully booked an appointment. This will enable you to track conversions for booked appointments.

While logged into your AdRoll account, click SEGMENT VISITORS in the right sidebar, and create a new user segment, which will look like this when complete:

1. Name your segment.

👆 Note: No spaces are permitted, so use an underscore _ if breaks are needed.

2. Make sure the Segment Type and Rule selected is URL, and enter the following value into the corresponding text field: /confirmation* 

3. Select a cookie duration.

☝️ Note: Cookie duration is the number of days that a visitor will remain in the audience segment. For example, if you’re targeting ads to an audience segment with a 30-day cookie duration, your ads will be served to customers for 30 days after their most recent visit to the page.

4. Check the Count this as a conversion box.

☝️ Note: A conversion occurs when a visitor completes a desired action, as defined for us through the creation of a conversion segment through the "Track Conversions" button in the sidebar. For your Cliniko Online Bookings page this happens when someone books an appointment and arrives at the appointment confirmation page.
The “count this as conversion” box allows you to switch between defining an audience segment and a conversion segment. Checking this box labels the segment as a conversion and it’ll display in your Dashboard conversion tracking. You have the option of assigning an average revenue value for each conversion tracked, allowing AdRoll to report an estimate of your campaign’s revenue generation.

5. Save!

Enable AdRoll in your Cliniko online bookings settings

1. Have your AdRoll SmartPixel handy in one tab, as illustrated below.

2. And in another tab go to your online bookings settings, and scroll down to the AdRoll SmartPixel section, as illustrated below:

3. Once you have both tabs open you can copy and paste the two values (adroll_adv_id  and adroll_pix_id ) from the code snippet on AdRoll's website into their corresponding text fields on your Cliniko Settings page.

👆 Note: Only copy the values between the quotation marks; do not copy the quotation marks.

4. Save!

👆 Note: Once you've correctly set up both your AdRoll campaign, and your Cliniko Online Bookings Adroll Settings, it could take 24 hours for data to appear in your AdRoll account.

If you have difficulty with any AdRoll-specific steps, we recommend visiting their detailed and helpful support site, https://help.adroll.com. And if you have other questions, chat with our support team! Just click the "chat bubble" in the lower right-hand corner to talk to us. 💬

Good luck booking more appointments! 😀

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