When you email a patient, you want them to know the email is from you, and not spam. You can include your business name as the "sender" of outgoing emails from Cliniko. This will help your emails look less "spammy"!

Set Your Business Name as the "Email From" Name

Head to Settings, and then General settings:

Under Communication, you'll see your email address:

There's no way to control how a patient's inbox "reads" this address. Typically, it will just show up as the address itself (in this case, clinic@example.com):

This might be okay, in which case, feel free to leave things as they are! 👌 However, if you want your actual business name to show up, you can add your business name (or your own name!), and then put brackets around the actual email address:

In the above example, the exact text entered would is Stay Healthy <clinic@example.com> (feel free to copy and paste that line, and just edit it!).

When a patient is emailed, they would then see the actual name show up as the "sender" (as well as the email address!):

☝️ Note: Different email programs will display the "sender" differently, but the general idea is the same—the email will be "from" a name, rather than just an address!

Want to learn more about all the different things you can email directly from Cliniko? You can send automated appointment reminders, confirmation emails, letters, invoices (to patients or third parties), and account statements!

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