With the Cliniko → MailChimp integration, you can create an automated workflow for when customers start to slip away. This guide will show you how to setup an automated email which will trigger 90 days after the "Latest appointment date" in Cliniko. 

This article will walk you through the steps!

Create a Campaign 

Click Create Campaign when viewing your Dashboard to jump straight into creating a campaign:

Click Create an Email:

Select Automated from the top navigation menu: 

Select Date Based from the automated email options: 

Choose Specific date from the Date Based options: 

Name your campaign and select your Cliniko integration list from the dropdown menu: 

We send across some extra information along with the patient's name and email address. We can use the "Latest appointment Date" field to trigger when an email is sent. 

Double check that you're using the "Latest appointment Date" trigger as the Date field for the email campaign here: 

Click Edit trigger so we can decide when to send the email:

Enter when you wish to "trigger" the email to send. For this example, I'm using 90 days after the "Latest appointment date":

The email is now configured to automatically send to customers who've not had an appointment in 90 days! 🎉

Now you're ready to design the email, choose your delivery schedule and add any extra segmentations, if desired! MailChimp have a comprehensive knowledge base should you need further assistance there. 

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